How knowing your customer’s journey makes marketing your interior design business so much easier

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Before you can even begin to think about marketing strategies and tactics for your interior design business, you need to know your customer’s journey. Only then can you determine what the appropriate strategies and tactics should be. Many business owners start blogging, posting on social media, running ads and sending emails without taking time to … Read more

Get your prospect’s attention, generate more leads for your interior design business with the Ideal Customer Avatar

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The goal of marketing for most interior design businesses is to attract prospects, convert prospects to leads and convert leads to customers. Sounds simple, right?  Well, it can be. Many businesses begin crafting content – writing blog posts, shooting videos, posting all over the social media universe – but never attract any prospects. The most … Read more

Why it’s crazy NOT to have a niche for your interior design business

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Many interior design businesses haven’t identified a niche to focus on or they have, but it’s not narrow enough. As a result, they’re not generating enough leads to sustain the business, marketing is a moving target and frustration is the norm. Sales ultimately suffer. The reality is, marketing to a broad audience is near to … Read more

What is your interior design business’s #1 asset? I bet you’re wrong!

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In this article, I will reveal your interior design business’s #1 asset. You’ll learn why this asset is so important for signing more clients and growing your business. You’ll learn how this #1 asset is foundational for the continuity of your business. If you lost everything in your business tomorrow, by having this one remaining … Read more

The 6 digital marketing essentials every interior design business must know to attract more leads

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Digital Marketing is a Giant Black Hole You want to grow your interior design business. You want more leads, a pipeline that is consistently full, more customers and maybe even better projects. The problem is you are spending a ton of time trying to learn what you should be doing to market your business online … Read more