website Design for interior design businesses

A modern, mobile responsive website is an absolute must for building trust with your ideal customer. Why? Because like it or not, you are being judged by your website.

Is it modern? Does it look and behave nicely on mobile devices? Is it easy to find what I'm looking for?

If your website looks outdated, customers may feel your quality and workmanship is also outdated. We make subconscious judgements every day about websites we visit. It's not fair, but unfortunately it's real.

If your home remodeling website is not mobile responsive and visitors have to pinch and scroll a lot, they will lose patience and again, make a judgement of your business based on your website. Either they'll just leave or worse - leave and go to your competitor's website.

Strategic Web Design

When you work with Renovate Digital, we’ll uncover the unique needs and goals of your business. It’s different for everyone. That’s why we design a custom solution for each client we work with. When we have absolute clarity on your goals we move forward with strategic web design.

What is “strategic web design"?

Strategic web design is the fusion of your business goals with every aspect of our design process. We aren’t simply designing a user interface that looks good and is usable and accessible. We’re designing an interface that will help you accomplish your business's objectives.

our website design inclusions

Modern Design

A modern, user-focused website design that impresses your visitors so you can begin to build trust. Intuitive content layout enables your visitors to easily find the information they are looking for.

mobile responsive

Mobile responsive so those searching from their phone can easily navigate and find what they’re looking for.

optimized for seo

Optimized for local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so you become BFFs with Google and rank higher in search results.

keyword analysis

Keyword analysis to ensure you are reaching your target market.

Fast Loading

Fast loading pages so Google loves you and so customers don’t get tired of waiting for your website to load and head over to your competitor’s site

Social Media

Social media integration to prove to Google that you are a player in your field and worthy of page 1 in the search results.

wordpress cms

WordPress Content Management System so you can easily add and edit content on your website.

website analytics

Analytics tools installed so you can determine if you're meeting your goals or should take action to right the ship.


Training so you feel confident using WordPress, reviewing analytics and managing your digital marketing efforts.


30 days support after you go live to address any issues that surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a website cost?

The investment cost of your website depends on your unique requirements and goals. It's different for everyone. 

Please understand a website is an investment. In today's world, not having a website or a poorly designed website puts you immediately behind your competition.  An effective website not only pays for itself, it can return dividends.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Mastercard, VISA, Paypal and check.

What About Domain Names And Website Hosting?

We can help you secure and renew your domain name as well as setup your website hosting. However, fees for domain name management and hosting are separate from Renovate Digital and paid directly to the hosting provider. 

We highly recommend SiteGround for hosting and Namecheap for domains.

We use SiteGround for our own website and recommend it to all our clients because the cost is fair, the uptime is phenomenal and an SSL is included at no additional cost. 

Estimated costs:

Domain name registration: $15/year
Website Hosting: $150-300/year (includes SSL)

Do I Have To Switch Hosting Companies?

No. If you already have a website and are happy with your website hosting provider, you do not have to switch companies.

How Long Will It Take To Build My Website?

Depending in the scope and complexity of the project, the duration can range from 6 - 20 weeks.

The average is about 8-12 weeks from start date. This assumes  you are providing the information we request of you (content, current hosting and account information) in a timely manner.

Who Provides The Photos For My Website?

You have options. Many businesses already have a library of quality photos to use.

Quality = high resolution, crisp, clear images in original JPEG format (.jpg)

If you don't have photos or quality photos you can take them yourself or hire a photographer that specializes in indoor and outdoor home photography. We can help with this.

Do You Offer A Warranty?

We offer a 30 day support period after you go live. During this time we monitor your website performance and make changes/tweaks that were missed during the testing you performed before going live.